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  • What We Do

    We're on a mission to connect you to like minded peers to help you reach your goals, through growing, developing and nurturing your networks through Working Out Loud circles.


    Circles are a kind of peer support group where you develop the habit of working out loud while building a network related to a goal you care about .

    John Stepper

    Mission: Help people feel better about work

    "After years of trying to make work more effective and fulfilling, I’ve discovered how to help people take control of their careers and lead more satisfying lives. It’s called “working out loud.”

    Working out loud is working in an open, generous, connected way so you can build a purposeful network, become more effective, and access more opportunities.

    The good news is that anyone can learn how to do it. Most people, though, find it difficult to get started or to develop new habits that will allow them to realize the benefits."

    Working Out Loud - The book

    Circle Guides - the step by step process

    "...there’s even more of an imperative to help people find meaning and fulfillment at work and in their lives. I’ve found that the best way to do that is working out loud. I’ve seen – first for myself, then for friends and colleagues I coached, and now in peer support groups around the world – how working out loud helps people become more effective, more connected, and happier."

  • Who We Are

    We're on a mission to connect you to your circle!

    Susan Basterfield - NZ

    Founder @opentogrow

    Catalyst - Cultivator - Ruckus-Maker

    Seeker of Connection and Experience

      #altMBA #WOL #Teal_NZ #agile #enspiral

    Always up for co-creation, storytelling, and making a ruckus

    Nick Allen

    Nick Allen - NZ

    Consultant @nickwallen

    #AgileMarketing consultant for customer centric growth.
    Into stand up: meetings, desks, paddle & storytelling
    #Agile #CSPO #WOL #Teal_NZ

    | Work With Me |

    Nigel Young - NZ

    Learning Guy with a Technological Twist

    #WOL #LOL  #PerpetualBeta @the_nthdegree

    I see things differently and that’s a good thing.

    Argent Montgomery-Honger - NZ

    Passionate people leader keen to connect with others out there making a difference

    Siobhan Hanley - NZ


    Work success through People | People success through Work

    #NZLead #WOL_NZ #Teal_NZ #Ulab #pospsych #ArtOfHosting

    Connector, potential realiser, Irish rabble-rouser, life-long learner and teal passionista.

    Life essentials: fun, great food (and wine!),good people and fab adventures!

    Mara Tolja - NZ


    Community Building expert and WoL facilitator.

    #powercrowds #communitybuilding #WoLCircles #WoL #Kiwi #Croatian

    Started the first WoL circle in 2013. Community Building expert in a large financial firm. Finds ways to make work and working together better for employees and the organisation.

    Helen Sanderson - UK

    @helenhsauk and helensanderson.net

    All about what matters to people, patients and colleagues and building community

    #WOL #AltMBA

    Leading WOL circles in the UK

    Eve Holt - UK


    Change agent & systems translator - building circles, facilitating good conversations, collaboration & change.

    Community, workplace and public sector.

    Often on two-wheels. #WOL

    Nicola Waterworth - UK


    Change agent and coach making things happen with individuals, organisations and communities. Working to promote diversity and inclusion and improving well-being. #WOL

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